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We are happy to take the time for you, we hope you will too…

Preparing our dishes takes time and we let you enjoy it in peace. A full evening program is therefore what you can expect with us. Count on a dinner of about two and a half to three and a half hours.





DOUBTER PLATE                                                      p.p. 18,75

If you have difficulty making your choice, we serve a wide range of our cold and hot starters
Can be ordered from 2 people.


STACKER                                                                        16,75

crispy filo pastry topped with smoked salmon, smoked

Eel and Dutch shrimps with lemon mayonnaise                                         


DUCK LIVER TERRINE                                                    17,50

homemade terrine of fresh duck foie gras,

fig compote and brioche toast                                                                     


CARPACCIO 2.0                                                               14,25

truffle pâté stuffed beef tenderloin, thinly sliced,

Balsamic dressing and pine nuts


AUBERGINE & BUFFELMOZZARELLA                            14,75

Marinated tomatoes, pesto and pecan nuts


HOLLANDSE PRAWN COCKTAIL                                    17,75

generous portion of Dutch shrimps with

a creamy cocktail sauce                                                                                      







ONION SOUP                                                                  8,75

as was eaten in the Parisian halls,

with cheese stick and extra Parmesan cheese



Homemade herb butter, tomato, bacon and cheese                           13,75


GAMBA BLACK TIGER                                                                 14,75

crispy fried in Kataifi dough

served with fresh spicy Mango Chutney                                                      


GRILLED SCALLOPS                                                       17,75

casereccepasta, brittle pata negra, truffle rooms                                          


With our starters we serve bread and extensive garnish.



VISPALLET                                                                     29,75

five different types of seafood, sea bass, catfish,

Cod, scallops and prawns with a lobster sauce                                            


COD STEAK                                                                    28,75

baked on the skin, braised chicory,

soft creamy mustard sauce                                                                          




MUSHROOM RISOTTO                                                 19,75

with Shi-mei mushrooms, vegan cream and

Parmesan cheese


As still or sparkling water, we serve purified water from our own tap. This saves the environment, no CO2 emissions during production, unnecessary transport and cheaper for you as a guest. We do not serve tap water.




Our meat is 100 percent organic and/or of animal-friendly origin.


TOURNEDOS BORDELAISE                                             33,50

with a powerful red wine sauce in which

onion, thyme, garlic and mushrooms


RIB STEAK                                                                                       29,50

Grilled sirloin steak 250 grams, homemade garlic mayonnaise and fried onion rings


KALFSZWEZERIK                                                            31,50

crispy fried, truffle cream sauce


TURF SURFING                                                               29,75

Veal tenderloin and Black Tiger prawns

with a tarragon cream sauce                                                                        


POUSSIN                                                                         25,50

small stuffed chicken with garlic, onion, fresh thyme and

rosemary served with grilled vegetables                                                       


CHATEAU BRIAND STROGANOFF                 for 2 peoplen 77,50

double beef tenderloin steak 500 grams of the Stroganoff sauce prepared at the table. Can only be ordered per 2 people or a multiple of this!






Did you know that we serve more than 20 types of wine by the glass? This way we always have the right matching wine for every dish. Take a look at our extensive wine list or ask our staff for wine advice.




4-course menu with bronze

Daily changing 4-course surprise menu. Let our chef take you on a culinary journey.




5-course menu with bronze

Daily changing 5-course surprise menu. Let our chef take you on a culinary journey.




We can create a matching wine arrangement for both the 4- and 5-course dinner. If desired, we can also offer a driver’s package.


 The 4- and 5-course menus can be ordered until 8:30 p.m.

The menus can only be ordered for the entire table. The menu is determined by the chef, changes to this are unfortunately not possible.



With all our main courses we serve potato gratin and seasonal salad. As an extra, you can order our famous extra crispy fries with mayonnaise €  5.50.








WHITE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE                                 9,75

Homemade with salted caramel


CRÈME BRULEE                                                                               9,50

Brought to the table with caramel ice cream                                               


PINK SCROPPINO                                                           10,50

delicious iced drink of lemon sorbet ice cream, Cava,

Vodka and ………..                                                                                       


LADIES BANKS                                                               10,75

in our generous way, vanilla ice cream, slivered almonds and Belgian chocolate hot chocolate sauce  


CRÊPES SUZETTE                                                           13,75

crepes, vanilla ice cream, orange sauce
flambéed at the table with Grand Marnier


KAASASSORTMENT                                                        14,75

5 beautiful ripe types of cheese in varying compositions


FRIANDISES                                                                p.p. 2,00

Delicious with coffee or tea homemade

sweet treats.



For your dessert we have delicious dessert wine or a beautiful port.








COFFEE                                                                           3,25

ESPRESSO                                                                        3,25

CAPPUCCINO                                                                  3,75

DOUBLE ESPRESSO                                                                        4,75

TEA various types of tea made from hand-picked leaves                3,00

Also if desired, all varieties of coffee in decaf.


COFFEE Bij Brons (with perenliqueur)                                            9,75

IRISH COFFEE (with Irish whiskey)                                        9,75

FRENCH COFFEE ( with Grand Marnier)                                        9,75

BRASILIAN COFFEE ( with Tia Maria and Grand Marnier)            9,75

ITALIAN COFFEE (with Amaretto)                                                  9,75

DOM COFFEE (with DOM Benedictine)                                          9,75

KISS OF FIRE (with Cointreau and Kahlua)                                      9,75


Of course, you can also choose from our cognacs, armagnacs, calvados, grappas or liqueurs to complete the whole.


Do you have an allergy? If you let our staff know, the kitchen will be able to advise you on your choice and, where possible, adjust a dish.